Top UPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers of 2022

Nowadays uPVC doors & windows have gained popularity, UPVC has become one of the most utilized building materials because of the array of benefits that it offers. It has replaced wood, aluminum doors, and windows since it requires less upkeep. Also, since it is sturdy, recyclable, long-lasting, and environmentally beneficial, architects and designers find it quite functional.

But when it comes to finding the best manufacturer, sorting out the best companies can be a real task. To help you, we have provided a succinct list of the best providers in this blog post. All of the businesses on this list produce high-caliber goods. 


The company is one of Europe’s top premium home improvement product producers. In 2006, Lingel entered India. For many more years to come, this organization has been dedicated to providing its services. Offering specialized design solutions for internal and external doors, facilities, and security needs in India to the local environment and consumer demands helps the company maintain its standing there.

They exhibit this by providing exact technical support, quick lead times, and swift responses to inquiries. They take great pride in this commitment as a company that prioritizes serving its consumers.


It is one of India’s top home improvement product brands since it offers high-quality product design options that adhere to global design standards.

Fenesta helps clients choose the best design after conducting a complete site assessment. They fabricate the selected design per clients’ requirements and deliver it to them to make the installation easier. An extensive guarantee covers all Fenesta products and provides complete after-sales care.


The largest producer of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride products that are both energy-efficient and weatherproof is Prominance.

They are the only producer of uPVC doors to receive certification from the prestigious labs “BSI-UK” and “SKZ-Germany.” To assure the best quality, their goods are put through more than 19,000 hours of testing in adverse weather conditions.

Their fully lead-free and long-lasting profiles for the Indian environment are produced using an optimized production method. They provide a large selection of precisely developed profiles and come in various colored laminated textures.

AIS Windows

India’s top uPVC manufacturer, AIS Windows, offers 360-degree solutions for all your glass needs. Offering excellent quality home renovation solutions with subject-expert knowledge and top-notch service is something they are committed to doing. 

The majority of the populace in the country can afford their premium product pricing because all of their goods are produced locally. The goods come in various customizable alternatives, primarily for residences, workplaces, and apartments.

Delight Windows

This company offers a large selection of modern products that are aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and just right to complete the ideal house, workplace, or other commercial space. Apart from producing high-quality UPVC doors, they offer a wide selection of high-performance home solutions. They also provide high-quality installation and support services to their customers.

Future Fabtech

With its headquarters in Edappally, Ernakulam, Kerala, and well-stocked facilities for both machinery and labor, Future Fabtech is a partnership-based organization. It has been devotedly involved in the business of distributing and trading metal, fiber, residential doors, and many others since 2009. 

Their company focuses on creating an improved tomorrow, which is why it is committed to excellence and always seeks to implement ground-breaking ideas to become a future organization. 


One of the best Indian producers of uPVC materials is Winkraft. This material requires essentially no upkeep, in contrast to others. It doesn’t need to be painted, is energy-efficient, and protects your house from the weather. You’ll find a selection of cutting-edge innovations inside every Winkraft product that meld the aesthetically pleasing with the practical.

Sudhakar uPVC Window & Door Profile Systems

This company is renowned for producing goods of the highest quality that are very resistant to all weather conditions. Most of their offerings are known for little upkeep, durability, aesthetically appealing looks and hassle-free installations. Their products serve as crucial barriers that keep out unwelcome intrusions.

Shiva Steel Industries

They are among India’s top suppliers and manufacturers as they offer quality and innovation that are important to you. Compared to standard wood or aluminum goods, theirs have several benefits, including sound insulation, fire resistance, wind resistance, low maintenance, long life, water tightness, and many more.

Smita clear coats private limited

This business was founded in the year 1999. The company produces numerous products, including high-quality profiles. These goods are made with raw materials of the highest quality. Modern technologies and a completely automated method are used to create these profiles.

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