Is Concrete Spalling A Sign of Foundation Problem 

Spalling reduces the structural integrity of your foundation or concrete. It is the breaking of concrete surfaces caused by a variety of human and non-human means. The word spalling means to break into pieces and spalling can be caused by weathering or chemical reactions. 

This spalling causes concrete to chip off the surface and cause a crack or hole that is 150mm thick and 20mm in depth. tampa sinkhole repair contractors will help to tackle concrete spalling in the most effective ways. Concrete Spalling is that bad that it may compromise the building integrity and aesthetic components.

Causes Of Concrete Spalling

There is more risk of concrete spalling on houses in cold parts of the world. Professional Foundation repair florida contractors have stated that houses that are exposed to the following usually end up with concrete spalling.

  • Fire exposure: When concrete foundation is exposed to fire, water and concrete changes and brings about an expanded pressure in the concrete causing spalling.
  • Inadequate covering of reinforcements
  • Low quality concrete cover by reinforcing steel.
  • Corrosion which causes water debris to occupy more volume than the reinforcing steel. It is this pressure that causes spalling.
  • Steel expands in volume due to rust and places enough pressure on concrete leading to deterioration  of concrete.
  • Free Thaw cycle: This mostly occurs when the temperature fluctuates between freeze and warm, going from  one to another. It is another form of mechanical weathering.

Prevention Of Concrete Spalling

  • Always apply a good water Sealant to the surface of the concrete to prevent the water from seeping into the concrete.
  • Always try to prevent excess water in your concrete mixture because it is one of the causes of concrete spalling.

Effect Of Concrete Spalling On the Building Structure 

Not only does concrete spalling affect the building structure but it also affects the inhabitant. On some occasions, the chipping away of particles may spill all over the floor and cause injury to the occupants or cause some kind of damage to properties in the building. Another effect It may have is that it decreases the value of your building, as it keeps getting worse, your home value starts deteriorating. If an expert concrete repair Orlando company isn’t called up to fix your concrete spalling foundation problem, there is a high chance it may return back, even worse. Calling an Amateur contractor or doing a partial repair may create the risk of more damages.

When concrete spalling persists over a long period of time, it causes a reduction in the area of concrete resisting the load.

Concrete Spall Repair 

When concrete spalling occurs you should always try to fix it. Calling an expert Seawall repair Fort Myers contractor is one of the requirements when you want to begin the repair. The contractor would help purchase materials that are the right fit for the repair.

The repair material should have the following properties in order to prevent complications. Low water and air permeability, high mechanical properties and strength, hardening and setting properties, does not shrink easily and has a compatible thermal expansion. Here are some steps you can take to repair your concrete 

  • Identify and map the area of repair.
  • Remove the loose part of concrete and expose the reinforcements below. Wire brush to remove loose particles and apply zinc rich coating.
  • Apply Epoxy bonding to enhance the bond between the repair materials. 
  • Provide a watertight framework and mix micro concrete powder with water to pour into the prepared framework.
  • Remove framework and apply suitable curing compound.


Concrete Spalling is a type of foundation problem that needs immediate attention or else it would begin to spread until it can’t support your house weight. It is best to meet with an expert contractor who would help identify, repair and prescribe some preventive measures.