3 Best Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Properly Maintained

As far as your home is concerned, most rooms can be a little messy – but not the bathroom. You may spend less than a third of your day in it, but it shouldn’t be left alone and go uncleaned for days at a time. Even cleaning it once a week is fine; after all, you and your family are using it to keep yourselves clean; it defeats the purpose if that very room isn’t sanitary. 

This isn’t just about keeping the contact details of the best blocked drain plumber in your area – although that’s a good idea to make sure you can deal with the inadvertent plumbing emergency. Like your kitchen, your bathroom is a potential breeding ground for bacteria, so keeping it clean is as much about hygiene as  it is about appearance. 

That said, here are a few tips you can use to make sure you keep your bathroom as fresh and clean as possible. 

Get Rid of Clutter

The bathroom is full of cleansing products, soap, gels, shampoos, and deodorants, among other things. The thing is, some of the things we keep in that room don’t always belong there in the first place. There’s a high chance that you use only a fraction of the many bottles you keep near the shower or in the bathroom cabinet. There could even be products that have expired but are still sitting on the shelves. 

Take a few minutes to look through all those containers and throw out anything you don’t use a few times a week. That way, you lessen the possibility of using an expired product by mistake as well as the possible sources of bacteria. Plus, there’ll be less clutter for you to deal with when you deep clean your bathroom.

Clean Between Your Tiles

The grout in the small gaps between shower tiles can absorb water droplets, which in turn can cause mould and mildew to grow, and that’s not very healthy at all. Mix some water and bleach together and use that to scrub the grout; this will take care of most bacteria that’s lurking in the material. 

Just make sure you remove the bleach using a pH-neutral cleaner and more water once you’re done so you don’t burn your skin or eyes the next time you step into the shower.

Encourage Ventilation

A bathroom shouldn’t just look fresh – it should smell fresh, too. You can achieve this by opening any windows to encourage more air to circulate through the room. This will help keep the bathroom dry, which in turn will lessen the possibility of mould growth. Consider having a ventilation fan installed, too, to keep the air circulating especially in warm weather.

Don’t forget about your towels and any floor mats, since both absorb moisture. Hang them up somewhere they can dry fully, or they’ll start smelling musty. Leave them in the bathroom while they’re wet, and they can become bacterial breeding grounds.