Why Must You Get a Smart Thermostat?

We’re living in a smart world and we have plenty of smart devices helping us navigate our lives. The convenience we didn’t know existed is now here – and we mean controlling our homes from the palm of our hand or just with our voice. 

The latest smart technology is a smart thermostat that performs the same way as a regular thermostat does, but digitally and intelligently – smart, as the name says itself. Imagine a typical thermostat, but you can control it remotely with your smartphone, or through any other interconnected device, or even your voice! That’s the simple definition of a smart thermostat and there are plenty out there in the market, easily available as well as affordable. One of the best brands for smart thermostats is Honeywell, and it’s most popular model is the Honeywell Home T5

If you live in a state that is predominantly cold with some summertime, a new thermostat preferably a smart one is probably the first thing you should get installed. Its unique technology makes heating and cooling operations at home much more convenient, and cost-effective too with the feature of smart controls. So why must you get a smart thermostat if you don’t already have one? Let’s look into all the reasons why a smart thermostat is an answer to a lot of problems that we probably never realized before. 

How Is It Better than the Traditional Thermostat?

First of all, let’s take into account all the money that you would be saving. No more forgetting to switch off the thermostat, or having difficulty setting the optimal temperature so as to not spike up your bills, and also keeping in mind the repair and maintenance of an old thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you can simply pick up your phone and switch off the device if you forgot to on your way out, or adjust the temperature while you lay on the couch.  

Other than its cost-effectiveness, it comes built-in with smart technology that allows you to manage and control the thermostat remotely and digitally through your smartphones and tablets too. You don’t need to be at home in order to switch it on or off; gone are the days when you would wish to come back to a home that’s cooler than the outside temperature on a hot summer day, or warm and cozy on a cold winter night. Now you can live that dream with a simple and easy installation of the infamous Honeywell home t5 smart thermostat. 

Most smart thermostats will also give you weekly and monthly energy reports as they diligently monitor the per unit energy consumption of your device for you. On top of that, some variants come with the ability to quite literally learn a household’s temperature patterns and align them with time as well. Hence, they can sense when your house is occupied with family members when it’s empty, and at what time of the day which temperature setting is preferred. This feature reduces the effort and time that goes into the setting, adjusting, and resetting the heating and cooling system when the house is vacant and then revisited after a considerable time. These smart thermostats also provide a means of energy efficiency, cutting down on unnecessary energy waste which also goes hand in hand with their cost-effectiveness. 

Is it a Compatible Choice?

Before you go ahead and buy the Honeywell Home t5 or any smart thermostat for that matter, check for their compatibility. These are some points you must make a note of when choosing which one to get:

  1. Does it connect to Wi-Fi networks?
  2. Will it work with your house’s HVAC setting and electrical work? Honeywell has instruction videos on YouTube that you can also check out if you are planning on installing the Honeywell home T5. 
  3. Is your smartphone compatible with the smart thermostat that you are choosing? Most smart thermostats are compatible with iOS and Android devices. 
  4. How easy is the installation and can it be done by yourselves or will you have to hire professional help?

These are some of the questions you must seek clarity on before choosing which smart thermostat you want to go for. People tend to fall on the price of things, however, smart thermostats are available in all price ranges, but it is their compatibility and features that really matter. Most of the latest smart thermostats are easy to install by yourselves, and compatible with multiple other smart devices like smart speakers, apart from smartphones, so it should not be a problem. However it is always better to be safe than sorry, so best to do your research thoroughly.  

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