How Can Over Overseas Buy Plot in Taj Residencia? Guide

For expatriate Pakistanis interested in learning more about the housing market in Pakistan, currently a fantastic chance. The government’s loosened real estate investment restrictions for overseas Pakistanis have boosted the property market. Furthermore, anything is publicly known because of the growing usage of social media in our daily lives. While at home, potential overseas investors will learn everything they need to know about investing in Pakistani real estate. Ensure that you’ve done your homework before purchasing in Taj Residencia or any other property. The role necessitates extensive research, a sharp mind, superior analytical talents, and the ability to spot fraudulent acts with the third eye. Consider the following suggestions:

Guide to Overseas Employment

Due to Pakistan’s strong economic development, many international investors are flocking to the country. A large number of Pakistanis living abroad work in the country in a variety of fields. When conducting economic purchases with Taj Residencia, use legal channels.

Overseas Block at Taj Residencia

The Foreign Block is one of Taj Residencia’s most popular blocks, based on advice for overseas residences. Everything about this block is extensive, with amenities ranging from basic to exquisite. According to the project’s website, the venture is all about stunning views of the beautiful lake. Lush green parks further enhance the city’s beauty. Overseas Block is ideal for those who want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the town while still living in a posh neighborhood. The many people who already call this place home make up a sizable section of the population. Please remember, however, that only Pakistani residents who live outside the country are eligible to purchase property in Pakistan.

Overseas Pakistanis can buy or sell property in Pakistan via reputable institutions because this is the safest method.

Use caution when proceeding.

It is advised that overseas Pakistanis take precautions before investing in Pakistan real estate. To save money on commissions, direct international agreements are conducted without gathering all necessary information and risking being misled.

Hire a real estate agent.

A good realtor aware of the entire regional property market and can meet your wants and specifications is advised. This will enable you to save a significant amount of money.

Look for Alternative Options:

Before you invest your money, look at the houses that your property broker has selected for you. Before reaching a significant selection, it is necessary to verify the properties’ validity.

Get information concerning other initiatives of The builder:

If the project team or builder has a track record of profitable housing projects in the industry, one can trust them. The development’s owner and developer, the Sardar Group of Companies, has every cause to be proud of their achievement. The Centaurus is well-known in Islamabad for its noteworthy construction achievements. This construction company has a strong reputation in the luxury home construction industry. In the majority of cases, a genuine developer will quote a completion date for the job. It’s feasible to make a decision only based on how swiftly they work on a current project.

Examine the property’s advantages and disadvantages.

Whether purchasing or leasing a home, definitely go by what you find rather than what they promise to offer. As open business plots are more likely to be unlawfully possessed, verify the seller’s registration title (with the local authorities).

Before signing, read and double-check all of the documents.

Before making agreements in Pakistan, it is critical to important research papers. Undertaking these necessary processes will save you a lot of time and aggravation. Suppose you are hesitant to travel to Pakistan for a deal close. In that case, it is advantageous to have a close relative or a trustworthy acquaintance who resides in Pakistan visiting the estate and undertake an inspection.

Don’t give someone Power of Attorney.

You can give a note of attorney to a family or close friend to manage your property while you are away. You must only grant general Power of Attorney if it is essential, and you should only do so if you have a stated reason for doing so.

Documents to have on hand while investing in Pakistan:

Before anything can be completed, proper paperwork is required. You must supply relevant legal documents to support and register real estate under your name. The following documents are necessary for the project to be processed further:

  1. Two or more photocopies of travel document
  2. Your most recent passport-sized photos
  3. At least two versions of the Overseas Pakistani National Identity Card
  4. A photocopy of an entry stamp for a foreign country.
  5. Pakistani departure stamp in duplicate
  6. Keep a list of your relatives.
  7. A copy of the NIC (National Identity Card) of the next of kin

You must verify your documents before submitting them for processing. Not only must you transmit down payment for your protection and proof, but you must also deposit down payment for the landlord’s safety plus proof.


If you’re buying property from another country, it can be challenging, but it’s not impossible if you keep these factors in mind.

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