Advantages of Air Transport

In practical terms, air freight parcel is the transfer and shipment of goods through an air carrier, either a chartered one or a commercial one. The shipments travel out of commercial and passenger aviation gateways to anywhere planes can fly and land.

The express shipping options of air freight make it an important alternative for coordinating time-sensitive shipments to anywhere in the world. This is advantageous for smaller and mid-sized companies. 

International trade

This also makes the smaller and mid-sized companies able to participate in international trade. Also, shipping by air offers the advantage of a high level of security as airport controls over cargo are strictly managed. 

Today’s use in conjunction with other forms of shipping like marine, rail and ground, air freight is widely used as one of the central delivery options in importing and exporting. With its exponential growth as an industry, air freight is now regarded as an efficient means to ship nationally and internationally.

Brokerage firms

Today, customs brokerage companies can determine the most reliable and cost-effective means for using air freight options. The use is more of coordinating corporate, individual parcel or shipment deliveries.

The customs broker does the negotiations of the vast array of options to determine the most applicable means to ensure expedient and on-time delivery.

Like in all things in international shipping, customs clearance procedures are anticipated and properly documented. A customs broker assisting your air shipping ensures that all the aspects of your freight management are covered from expedited service to customs clearance and shipping delivery.

Commodities transport

The biggest reason in the use of air logistics is that the transfer and transport of commodities via chartered or commercial carriers is the availability of commercial and passenger gateways to any location where a plane can fly and land.

The goods that are delivered by air have also the advantage of high speed. Time-sensitive shipping is well-served. In addition, the small and mid-sized businesses are allowed to participate in international trade efficiently.

Also, air freight has the highest level of security because airport security monitors and controls every cargo entering and exiting the country.

Cargo services

There are two types of air cargo services: express air service and standard air services. If your cargo is shipped by express air, it is placed on a direct flight to its final destination.  This is also the most expensive flying service.

If your cargo is being shipped by regular air, most likely, it will stop at one or two airports either to change planes or loading or unloading or other cargo. Thestandard air service is the most popular aviation service for it.

Deferred air service

If your cargo is shipped via deferred air service, it will make many stops along the way to its final destination.

Although this air service is less expensive than express air service, it is still more costly than shipping LCL (less than container load).

IATA – Cargo Agency Program

IATA (International Air Transport Association) is the globally recognized trade association for airlines .It represents, leads, and serves the aviation industry.

The association’s main task is to help and support the aviation industry by establishing global standards for airline safety, security, efficiency and sustainability.

The group also leads and assists its members while at the same time effectively representing their interests in a way that boosts the air transport industry.

An IATA cargo agent is an organization that is approved and controlled by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for international air transportation.

IATA’s Cargo Agency Program is extremely beneficial to both airlines and agencies. It enables freight forwarders to achieve industry accreditation for their financial and professional capabilities.

It does so while also regulating the connections between member airlines and allocated sales agents. IATA, in collaboration with FIATA, is now optimizing its Air Cargo Program in order to better suit the needs of today’s air transport industry.

This results in greater benefits for both airlines and forwarders at present. Today, there are many business owners choosing air freight services mainly due to the speed factor. 

They also want the other positive aspects of air freight services.

Fast shipping

From all standards, it is best to choose freight service if you need to ship your goods within the shortest time to another destination. It is definitely faster than using transport on sea or land.

Cargo freight leaves every alternate hour. What’s more, there is less chance of the cargo lost since there are advanced measures of security.

Global delivery

For long-distance shipment, door to door air freight is just the right solution. A majority of the airlines have a solid network of destinations and airports. 

The coverage area is bigger than you think. Thus, be it across the other side of the world or across the country, air cargo shipping is the fastest.

Low insurance

The process in shipping cargo by air is few compared to that of shipping using sea or land transport. Since the goods are in for a shorter period, it means that you have to pay less insurance premium.

While the actual price of the air freight might be higher, you can save money in the other areas like low insurance cost. Also, Air freight delivery services are safer than the sea freight services and thus, there is reduced need for heavy packing.

Warehouse use

By availing air freight service, local warehousing is less of a priority there is no need to keep them in stock.

Cargo handlers, Customs clearance (in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney) and cargo inspection are pretty efficient. The majority of the cargos are cleared in a matter of hours.

High security

As expected, the airline industry offers a high level of security. It has the capability to cut off the risk of theft and damage all the time. 

Airports have special procedures to take care of the cargo. These controls are always tightly managed by the airport authority.

Cargo status

Many air freight companies give you the opportunity to track your products using an app. 

This means you are able to monitor the cargo right from the departure time all the way to the arrival. This, in turn, will keep you updated.